Forensic Updates

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault-DFSA

2021 Forensic Update on Date Rape Drugs (Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault-DFSA) Segmental Hair Shaft Testing

Date rape drugs are those substances that impair a person’s ability to give consent to sexual activity or incapacitate the person so that they may…

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gastric reflux

Stefan Rose, M.D.: Gastric Reflux – What Is It & How Does It Affect Breath Tests?

Gastric reflux is a simple but often misunderstood term of human medicine. As part of the normal human process of digestion (solids and liquids), the…

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blood ethanol samples

Stefan Rose, M.D.: Forensic Whole Blood Ethanol versus Hospital Serum Ethanol Tests

Introduction Ethanol may be measured in a variety of human samples including whole blood, serum, plasma, supernatant, urine, vitreous humor, gastric contents and any other…

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blood alcohol levels

Stefan Rose, M.D.: Forensic Blood Alcohol Samples Proper Collection Techniques

Life and liberty may be in jeopardy when they depend on the outcome of blood sample testing. Physicians routinely order peripheral venous blood samples for…

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date rape drugs

Stefan Rose, M.D.: A Forensic Update on Date Rape Drugs (Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault)

Date rape drugs are those substances that impair a person’s ability to give consent to sexual activity or incapacitate the person so that they may…

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iodine skin prep

Stefan Rose, M.D.: Not all Iodine skin disinfectants are the same! (some contain ethanol)

One of the potential errors that may challenge the reliability of the blood alcohol test is the use of a skin preparation agent that contains…

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blood drugs

Stefan Rose, M.D.: Blood Drug Results Do Not Predict Toxicity or Impairment

A common misconception among forensic witnesses is that a blood drug result, by itself, predicts the pharmacologic effect including toxicity and impairment. This misconception is…

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Stefan Rose, M.D.: The Forensic Unreliability of Retrograde Extrapolation in Antemortem Cases

Pharmacokinetics is the branch of pharmacology that deals with the concentration of ethanol (or any drug) in the blood (or any other tissue) at any…

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auto brewery syndrome

Forensic Implications of the Auto-Brewery Syndrome

The Auto-Brewery Syndrome (also known as endogenous ethanol intoxication) is a well-known phenomenon in modern medicine and described in the medical literature since at least…

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